Saturday, May 8, 2010

blog 8

(Before I even start this blog/segment I want to express my respect to the author. I am claiming to be no star reporter myself so please do not be offended or angered by what I have typed).Very interesting topic. I agree that Rick Perry is taking much needed health care out of the hands of many Texans. I am all for Presidents Obama`s Health Care reform. Now lets discuss your blog.
Let your voice be heard! The article you picked to support your topic was short but has some very good opinionated content. However, "the authors opinion is the only opinion present. This left me some what confused on your thoughts/point of view about the plan. I would have loved to read more about how you felt and less about how the author of the article felt. This is why you should have a strong stance. A stance is simply one sentence that summarizes the central idea of your topic. By developing a strong stance in your writing ,you can relate your point of view and convince your audience at the same time. If I were against the health care plan you would not convinced me to change my mind the author would have. State your opinion. Make your audience connect with you.
Things to consider. There is just one sentence that I had a hard time understanding. "With the governor trying to stop this form happening may start a lot of disputes with his re election." "a lot" should be alot and the authors credibility speaks for itself because you retrieved the article from a credible source so you may want to omit that sentence or the few words talking about the authors credibility. I enjoyed reading you blog.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Its a Bow`t Time

THANK GOODNESS! As of March 18th Austins City Council member unanimously voted to pass a no kill plan for its Town lake Animal Shelter downtown. After many decades of slaughtering poor defenseless animals the community agrees IT`S ABOUT TIME! The plan is not in full effect yet only a "slowdown" has been issued.The plan includes a $12 million dollar facility to be built next year in East Austin. This facility will house stray and lost animals and also animal from other shelters until they are adopted, and will most likely be ran by a nonprofit organization.
Animals are innocent and deserve to live. Before this plan was finally signed Austin averaged 8,873 murders (puppies ,kittens ,and all) each year. Each Year! Think of the families that had lost dogs at these shelters. The animals of this world are defense and most of the time scared. We(Americans) build towers that take mass amounts of our animals space and when there is nowhere else for the em to go we kill them. That`s the sad reality of it all. These animals were pushed/forced out of their homes by us. They deserve a safe place in exchange for being forced out of their houses for corporate America.
The Animals were never the problem, its always been the people.In addition to the those pesky wood choppers we have irresponsible ,lackadaisical ,down right trifling owners who couldn't`t be able to parent an ant much less a dog ,cat ,or bird.when animals are in the hands of people like this all kinds of things can happen. I honestly believe people who have never owned an animal in their entire life be it cat,dog ,rabbit etc... should be required to take some sort of animal education class. Nothing too extensive , mainly the basic parenting and up keep required for that specific animal. People with puppies or any newborn domesticated animal should be first in line for this class.Classes like these may even decrease the number of animal cruelty cases.
Who knows what`s to come now that the plan has been passed, the door of opportunity is wide open. It is my hope that every shelter would adopt some sort of lpan like this. One thing is for sure pet owners everywhere are happy.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Re;With Librety and Health Care For All

I want to first share my respect for you as a fellow witter and student, and apologize if any thing written offends or angers you. My comments are not those of a professional, nor written to bash your ideas or thoughts on the subject.
I really enjoyed reading your blog and in my opinion it was very well written. The main topic of your blog(health care reform) was very clear (and I love that you voiced your prospective on the bill.The strongest sentence was "I DO NOT feel that it is right in ANY way to force the American citizen,(Texans in our case)to have to pay for it or face severe penalty otherwise." However, as Kris says smart people can disagree.
Use Pros and Cons. I notice that you only state negative costly examples such as "barley making ends meet...struggle from month to month" for the health care reform. By stating both sides of your topic (pros/cons)you make a stronger argument.By listing pros and cons the writer is allowed to morally weigh the situation or problem.The next paragraph will have an example for supporting t he bill.
Yes, the bill will cost us Americans(con) but it probably wont be much more than we already pay.(pro)Prime example; Currently, if you call the ambulance and you have insurance you pay $900 for the ride to the hospital, if someone who doesn't have insurance calls the ambulance you will still pay that $900 that the hospital writes off in tax dollars.See how something so small can have a huge effect on an argument.Think of your readers as judges wanting to hear both sides of the story.
Is the cost of the bill the only thing that you are against? In your blog all your statements toward the bill concern money and budgeting. Although your argument about money was strong I would give more detailed objections.You are trying to convince an audience (your readers) to share your view. If I were trying to find out where i stood on this subject matter just one objection wouldn't convince me to see things your way.
Use topic sentences. A topic sentence just summarizes your paragraph in the first sentence. This makes reading a piece of work easier and understandable.Although your blog is short you could stick a couple in there.
Again, I really enjoyed reading your blog.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How long before the Elephant gets loose?

1.The removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy.
2.any of various surgical methods for terminating a pregnancy, esp. during the first six months. immature and nonviable fetus.
4.any malformed or monstrous person, thing, etc.
5.Biology. the arrested development of an embryo or an organ at a more or less early stage.
6.the stopping of an illness, infection, etc., at a very early stage.
a.shambles; mess.
b.anything that fails to develop, progress, or mature, as a design or project.

The above are all accurate definitions of this act viewed as a crime by some and a choice by others. For decades politicans and civilains everywhere have tried to tackle the the big elephant (abortion) to see if this act is murder or a matter of privacy.Some questions include:
When is the fetus considered a life?
At what point is a fetus mature? Etc.
Personally I think the definition speaks for itself. Constant biological debates have formed forums have been held for or against abortion but there is no clear answer to whether it (abortion)is right or wrong.True, the law does not prohibit it but dose that make it right? Unanswered questions like this bring frustration and anger to sides of the party. Erlyndon Joseph "Joey" Lo,is a perfect example of the frustration people are having just because the government cant decide whether or not to ban abortion or not. "Joey" filed documents on Friday saying his religious beliefs entitled him to use deadly force to prevent an abortion. He listed the name of a clinic, its address and the time he was going to show up - noon that day.He says "I plan on saving at least one human life in Dallas, Texas,". Look at this. This man has completely and utterly lost his mind. Using deadly assault on a clinic with woman and children.This issue is like a boiling pot. The more unattended it is the more it boils over and and destroys. Come on Texas, how far does this thing have to go? whats next bomb threats? Seriously take a stand do the right thing and make abortion illegal before this thing gets too out of hand. Honestly whose to say whats next?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Education?

Wow this was very short and to the point. As a strong Christian I certainly believe Christian religion should be instilled ,embedded ,and incorporated in schools, be them public or private. Our country is based on religion so why not our schools? Needless to say I was elated when prayer was put back in schools. Eileen, author of “ In The Pink Texas” writes a blog entitled An Education that would shake Austin parents everywhere. The blog lays out proposed plans of curriculum in Austin school districts, mostly aimed at the subject of history and religion. A very interesting blog indeed. However, the author fails to provide any substantial information about who is proposing these change in curriculum or how they plan to do it. Something simple like a name or title for this plan would help the reader better understand the writers’ point of view on this subject matter. Until the very last paragraph where the author writes “Is there anyone who can verify some of the charges Saenz is making” I had no idea who was behind this horrible plan of “bigotry”. And even after reading this I still have little knowledge of who Saenz is, why he feels these changes are necessary, and the changes he plans to make. Like I said in the beginning the blog was very interesting and very appealing with all those quotes from angry parents but most of its content was based on feelings and opinions of others, not factual information .Towards the middle of the story the author quotes statements from historians like Thomas Jefferson and dose not expound on the reasoning behind the quote. The quotes she makes have no factual information and do not lead the reader to any factual information. These quotes are kind of like sitting ducks waiting to be criticized. Overall the blog was interesting and stirring with some of the things that were said but honestly it was hard to follow and hardly any factual information at all.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terror Hits Home

As the news of the Austin plane crash spread "austinights" everywhere took grasps of air and wondered if this was an terrorists act. The editors of the Austin American Statesman write an intriguing and informational article for the public expressing the details of that unfortunate Thursday morning.
The editors start first by identifying with the reader emotionally. The first sentence ( As soon as word spread that an aircraft had crashed into a Northwest Austin office building,the first question to cross both mind and lip was :"Is this the work of terrorists?")connects the reader to the thoughts and feelings/expressions they first had when they heard of the plane`s crashing. This is a great way to intrigue the reader. By using familiar senses of emotion the reader and author are on the same page and the reader is more likely to understand the authors point of view and topic of choice.
Second, the editors take the incident to a national authoritative (president) level. The second paragraph enlightens the reader on our wonderful President`s insight and also expresses a local authoritative attitude. The sentence (President Barack Obama and Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo thought it important to reassure local and national aduiances that the act was not an act of terror) painted+ a picture or scaled a spectrum of just how huge of a spectacle this event was to the American public.
Next the editors take on a journalistic role and go deep inside the story to answer most Americans second question : Why? Towards the end of the article the editors spue out facts about the person who intentionally caused the crash and why he caused it. This gives the reader a better understanding of what actually happened in their moment of shock.
Finally the editors make predictions about the sense of security American people will have now that this has happened. The last paragraph almost tells the reader what precautions to take while in this soon to come state of paranoia.
Overall the article was spectacular. It provided Factual information and emotional coverage. Two thumbs up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Youuu`rrre Outa Here!!!!!!!!!!!

AS far as academics go the University of Texas at Austin (UT) is an excellent school for just about any field of work you plan to pursue. Generally when a student is choosing a college the level of difficulty of admission is a breaking point. Most students find if the universities difficulty of admission is too easy it is not up to their standards. As the University of Texas at Austin revises its admission policies it is sure to be at the top of prospective students every where. According to Fox 7 News UT is planning on eliminating students that stay more than 10 semesters or 5yrs. The university says its needs these spaces held by students who spend more than their expected time to accommodate new students. Some stipulations do apply to students with a longer major and those taking summer semesters. UT plans to help students do this by mandating advisory class for all students and by keeping students up-to-date on their educational goals.